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Graphical Report Design
Insert graphics, barcodes, charts,  parameters,  photos,  test and database fields into a report. Display data in a matrix  or graph. Create groups to order data in the report hierarchically.
Flexible Data Analysis
Create virtual fields through SQL statements. Create formulas using existing fields in the database and virtual fields you create.
XpertMart POS  Java Technology


XpertReports™ gives you the freedom to create new reports from scratch or modify the layout of the underlying queries behind any of our 300 retail analysis reports. Using our What You See Is What You Get designer, you can include any field from any table in the relational database, including logos and phtos to display your best-selling styles. You can also create and store formulas such as an item's margin or contribution to total sales on a percentage basis.

Data can be displayed in matrices with an unlimited number of dimensions to visualize any combination of data which can span several pages, both horizontally and vertically. Results can also be shown in pie charts or bar graphs.

Every report can be run with dynamic date ranges. And since XpertMart does not store data in flat files, 99% of all reports execute in under 2 minutes. For truly complex reports, XpertReports™ lets you employ our very own Multi-Query technology
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