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Configure FTP Server
Configuring FTP server for data  synchronization across a chain of retail stores.
Automate Multi-Store Synchronization
Automating multi-store polling using XpertMart's Task Scheduler.
XpertMart POS Java Technology


XpertMart™ Java POS is desiged so information flows quickly, efficiently & accurately. XpertMart™ runs a distributed database. This means each store in your chain has its own stock and transaction data. Unlike ASP thin client solutions, with XpertMart™ you're never vulnerable to an Internet outage.

XpertMart™ synchronizes data between stores and coroporate offices through an FTP Server. There is no need for sequential polling. The FTP Server acts as a virtual mailbox: stores do not have to be online when the home office uploads new data. Using XpertMart's Task Manager you can program data synchronization as often as one hour apart and provide your managers with real time information on sales and stocks. Data synchronization occurs in the background and does not interfere with the transactions underway at the point of sale. Stores can access the FTP Server through a dial-up modem or broadband connection. So whether it's speed of transmission or total infrastructure cost you're worried about, XpertMart™ has you covered.

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