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POS Receipt Ticket Printer Setup
XpertMart Java POS sales ticket printer setup on USB port.
Barcode Label Printer Setup
Configuring barcode label printer in XpertMart Java POS system.
XpertMart POS Java Technology


XpertMart™ Java POS works with virtually any point of sale peripheral.

Connect bar code printers, scanners, POS ticket printers, cash drawers, pole displays and credit card readers straight through the USB, serial and parallel ports.

Keep your investment! If you've already bought POS peripherals in the past, chances are they are fully compatible with XpertMart™ Java POS software. If you're looking for maximum flexibility, USB printers and scanners are inter-operable across platforms. Plug the same printer into a Mac or PC!

So whether you're looking to take advantage of the latest and greatest barcode printer models or keep squeezing the trusty POS printer for another year of productive life, XpertMart™ Java POS fits any budget.

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XpertMart® is a registered trademark of Dinari Systems LLC. Java® is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems.