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Create and Send Reports to Stores
Group reports into one Multi-Report.  Stores  save time by running only one Multi-Report at the end of the day. Reports can be password-protected before being sent out to the stores so only managers can use them.
Install Software Remotely
New versions of XpertMart can be synchronized ou to stores.
Restore a Store's Database
If a store's data is accidentally deleted , it can be restored from the corporate station.
XpertMart POS Java Technology

Total Cost of Ownership

Growing chains of retail stores can find it expensive to maintain a point of sale system that is not well designed and requires constant upkeep. Travel and support expenses can quickly overtake the original cost of the software license!

Fortunately, XpertMart™ Java POS is designed to make remote installation and maintenance easy.Our tech support team can setup password-protected web sites where individual stores in your chain can download and install their own specially prepared database, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and XpertMart™.Your IT team can deploy XpertMart™ remotely with minimal central oversight.

                Maintenance is also easier. XpertMart™ has built-in routines that automatically distribute software upgrades as well as synchronize newly designed reports to all stores in a chain. XpertMart's remote maintenance tools will dramatically lower the Total Cost of Ownership over time, making on-site support a thing of the past
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XpertMart® is a registered trademark of Dinari Systems LLC. Java® is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems.