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Xpert Query on Linux
XpertQuery's graphical interface makes it easy to use SQL to extract information from the database.
Graphic SQL Commands
Build SQL commands from drop-down menus.
SQL Statements
XpertMart POS Java Technology

XpertMart™ Java POS is designed over a relational database. Thus, there is no need to simulate data relationships. All relationships are respected from the moment they are created and data is captured and throughout every operation.

XpertMart™ Java POS data is accessible, homogenous and trustworthy. XpertMart™ never re-uses a line or registry in the inventory catalog. Each item receives a unique internal number, avoiding inconsistencies and guaranteeing data reliability. Never again will you have to use character-constrained codes to store your data. Every piece of information, from the cost of an item, to the date of last reception, is stored in the same file. This simplifies your ability to access and manipulate information at any time.

XpertMart's architecture allows for the quick exploitation of information through SQL commands. You can use our analysis module, XpertQuery™ or have execute SQL commands directly through the database manager.
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