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Expand Your Retail Enterprise
Link XpertMart to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as NetSuite through XML.
Import Sales from your Yahoo store into XpertMart.
Multi-Channel Integration
Connfigure Rules for matching imported orders to customers in your database.
Connect Customers and Vendors
Export any report to HTML and post to your website for vendors, customers and partners to see.
XpertMart POS Java Technology


XpertMart™ Java POS software uses the XML standard to import and export data, in addition to traditional .csv and .txt formats. XpertMart™ also uses Oracle's Small Business XML standard (smbXML) to exchange data with other systems.

Through XML XpertMart™ is able to interface with a broad range of third party applications for expanded features beyond Point of Sale & Inventory Control, including: NetSuite/NetLedger for Accounting and CRM, Yahoo Store for e-commerce, UPS WorldShip for parcel shipping and Endicia's Dazzle for USPS First Class Mail, and others.

The expanded capability offered through XML integration allows retail enterprises to effectively sell across multiple channels including brick and mortar stores, web stores, catalog sales and phone and mail order.
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