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Bricks and Clicks
Web store acts like any other brick store in the chain. Configure how you would like your merchandise displayed on your web store.
XpertMart Webstore
Web store customers can see up -to date stock accross your chain of stores, making it easy for them to visit local stores.
XpertMart POS Java Technology

XpertMart™ offers a fully integrated Web Store that runs off of the same distributed database the other stores in your chain. XpertMart's Web Store is inventory driven: when an item sells out it is automatically removed from the web store until it is back in stock. We don't just offer a web page that shows a limited amount of information.

Our entire application is sitting on the web server and interacting with the user through Java Servlets. On the browser side Java Script is used to display stock by Styles / Size / Color / Second Size. Bricks-and-mortar stores have unique advantages: ease of merchandise returns, physical contact with products, social interaction and instant gratification when buying.Web stores have other advantages: flexible hours, greater product selection and more detailed information for each product.The successful retail strategy is one that harnesses the best of both worlds by promoting cross-traffic: getting online shoppers to visit physical stores and traditional customers to go online.

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