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XpertMart Catalogs
All catalogs in XpertMart have the same toolbar .
XpertMart Transactions
Transaction screens all have the same basic layout making them easy to use.
XperMart POS Java Technologies


Java's Object-Oriented Programming philosophy means that XpertMart™ is very easy to use. There are only 5 basic screen archetypes to learn. If you learn how to make an Invoice, then you already know how to make an Out Slip, a PurchaseOrder or a Receipt.

The user interface at the point of sale is simple enough that your store personnel will be ringing up invoices with XpertMart™ after 2 hours of training.

Java's Object-Oriented approach also means that customizations can be done quickly. Because of XpertMart's modular design, substantial amounts of source code can be reused every time we need to add new features.

The efficiency of developing in Java means faster turn-around times on special projects, superior customer service and low costs for you.

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XpertMart® is a registered trademark of Dinari Systems LLC. Java® is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems.