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Tracking Last Communication Date
XpertMart records the last date every store successfully transmitted their data  to the corporate office.
Data Synchronization Using DLMs
XpertMart records the date last modified for every table in the database.
XpertMart POS Java Technology

Date Last Modified

During the synchronization process, XpertMart™ transmits Java Objects and therefore recognizes if the type of data being sent is a number, a text string, a date or a photo. If the terminal receiving the transmission does not receive the expected Java Object it does not save the data to the database.

All transactions are stamped with a DLM (Date Last Modified). When stores synchronize their data to the main, XpertMart™ automatically rejects any transaction that is already in the system, preventing data duplication headaches.

Inventory quantities in a store are never overwritten and at all times reflect the result of every transaction that has been made at that store. At very moment the quantities in inventory correspond to the application of every movement or transaction in the store. Lighting audits can be made in any store without need for first consulting the data at the home office or at another store.

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