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ODBC Relational Database
XpertMart Java POS is designed to run on a relational database.
Java Retail POS on JDBC Database
XpertMart Java POS runs on any open database complient  database manager
XpertMart POS Java Technology


XpertMart™ Java POS software runs over any Open Database Compliant (ODBC) database manager, including: Oracle, Informix, MySQL, InterBase, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Sybase.

XpertMart's database independence means you have the freedom to find the database that best suites your retail enterprise. All of the time spent learning your way around a database manager is a valuable investment you don't want to lose.Use the database your IT team is most comfortable with!

Perhaps you need to keep license costs down and would rather go with an open source solution like InterBase or PostgreSQL. Or maybe your retail stores are part of a larger manufacturing and distribution operation that needs to plug into an Oracle corporate database.

In any case, XpertMart™ Java POS gives you the freedom to go with the database of your choice.

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